Cornton Cycle Friendly Community Award - Initial Survey

Stirling Cycle Hub is working with Cornton Community Council, ACE, Cornton Primary School & Parent Teacher Council, and Cornton Nursery, with the goal of achieving Cycling Scotland's Cycle Friendly Community Award. We are hoping that this work will help to make cycling an accessible, attractive and convenient travel choice for all.
This initial survey is to collect the views of anyone who lives and/or works in Cornton whether they currently cycle or not. This will act as a baseline and establish how our project will develop to best meet the needs of the community. Thank you! 

* 1. Do you currently have access to a bike?

* 2. For these types of journey, how often do you CURRENTLY use a bike?

  Multiple times per week Once or twice a week A couple of times a month Less often than once a month Never, but I'd like to Never, and no interest in doing so
Commute to work/university/college/school
Other transportation (e.g. shopping, visiting friends etc.)
Leisure cycling for pleasure/fitness

* 3. What things make cycling and walking EASY in your community? (e.g. good paths, convenient cycle parking, community activities etc.)

* 4. What things make cycling and walking HARD in your community? (e.g. not knowing about routes, how to fix your bike, difficult sections of road/cycle path etc.)

* 5. To what extent do you think that your community could benefit from access to the following:

  Not at all beneficial Not very beneficial Neutral Beneficial Very beneficial
Publicly available bike repair tools/workshop space
Cycle maintenance training sessions
Social led bike rides
Bike library - accessible short-term bike loans within the community 
Cycling skills training sessions
Dr Bike sessions (free check up and adjustments)

* 6. What is your gender?

* 7. What is your age?

* 8. Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?

* 9. Have you previously had any interactions with Stirling Cycle Hub or other Forth Environment Link projects?

* 10. Please supply an email address if you are happy to keep up to date with the Cycle Friendly Community project