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This theme looks at how colleges and students’ associations can ensure that students, and the student voice, are at the centre of everything that colleges – and the sector – do. It looks at what actions and processes colleges and students’ associations need to put in place if students’ associations are to be able to act as co-decision makers within the college.

To evaluate yourself in this area please consider any examples of good practice that you have that could be used as evidence in this theme.  This could include; an established class rep system; the SA's inclusion in college strategies; college support in SA led campaigns; SA membership on college committees as well as board; and a recognised partnership agreement.
In order to use the scoring system, that is to follow, please consider the scoring guide below before deciding where you fall with regards to each statement:
  • Score 1 - No planned or existing activity
  • Score 2 - Planning or just starting activity
  • Score 3 - Some activity is being complete
  • Score 4 - Activity is in development since last complete
  • Score 5 - Activity is well established and sustainable
  • Score 6 - Activity is recognised by the sector (eg received award)
Once you have completed all questions an overall performance indicator will be generated for you with recommendations on how to improve further in this theme.