* 1. Home address

* 2. Brief Description of Works

* 3. Contractor

* 4. How did you report your repair?

* 5. Are you satisfied with the way the work was carried out ?

* 6. Was your repair fully completed during the first visit?

* 7. Did the contractor arrive at a convenient or prearranged time / date?

* 8. If the operative was running late did they advise you or phone ahead of the appointment?

* 9. Was your repair easy to report?

* 10. Did the contractor identify himself / show I.D?

* 11. Was the contractor's appearance tidy & were they polite?

* 12. Was your house left in a clean / tidy condition ?

* 13. How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the repairs service?

  Very satisfied? Fairly satisfied? Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied? Fairly dissatisfied? Very dissatisfied
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* 14. If you have any comments on the above questions or any further comments please use the box below

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