Confess all here..

What was your worst mistake as a data scientist? What was the impact? What do you wish you had said to your past self?

The RSS Data Science Section Committee would like to hear your stories about your worst mistakes in data science. From these, we will select common themes and topics, and create a crowd-sourced compilation of the deadliest sins of data science. These will be presented - anonymously - to our panel, for a live, interactive discussion in front of an audience, at our session on Tuesday 7 September, 11:40 - 13:00, at the RSS 2021 International Conference

We hope this will both entertain and inform. Maybe your pain can help save someone else’s (data science) soul.

Names will be changed to protect the guilty. We won’t reveal individual or organisation names. We may combine responses.

Louisa Nolan & the RSS Data Science Section Committee

Question Title

* 1. What was your worst data science mistake? What was the impact? What did you learn?