Some Background Information

ArtWorks Alliance is a network of organisations and individuals across the UK, working together for better participatory arts.

The network collaborates to:
  • Build a strategic, partnership network with a distributed leadership model that encourages decisive, collective action
  • Enable partners in the network to come together to create and run strategic activities
  • Enable partners and others to share ideas and deep thinking, and to influence the arts and non-arts sectors
The ArtWorks Fellowship is an ArtWorks Alliance project. It is a year-long artists Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and organisational development model conceived by Barbican Guildhall and artist Ned Glasier (Company Three) as part of the Paul Hamlyn Special Initiative ArtWorks: developing practice in participatory settings.

The model resources (with a grant and support) an artist who works collaboratively with communities—as well as being a practitioner in their own right—to design their own bespoke professional development journey that ‘makes new paths’ at a key moment in their career, which in turn will influence their host organisation.

At the heart of the model is space for the artist and organisation to reflect, be influenced, develop and innovate on their own, in partnership and in community. Pilots to date have shown that where both parties have a readiness to participate, the Fellowship is an opportunity for all involved to step back, think differently and consider why and how they collaborate with community.

Since it’s conception the model has been piloted in England, Wales (year-long Fellowships) and Scotland (6-8 month Fellowships) with a variety of artist and organisation partnerships.

Information on the Scottish pilots can be found here

The purpose of this survey is to give us information to understand where the Fellowship sits in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) landscape and what other things are out there that relate to the Fellowship model of training and development.

Click on NEXT to start the survey. It should take between 5-10 minutes to complete and we are asking people to complete the survey by Friday 29th November.