Normally members of Ada-Europe, and AUJ subscribers, receive copies of the Ada User Journal (AUJ) in printed format.

In addition to this the AUJ Online Archive at makes publicly available:
- the table of contents of issues for the latest year;
- the Quarterly News Digest of issues 6 months after publication;
- full AUJ issues 1 year after publication and distribution.

Because of the corona-virus pandemic we have been unable to print the AUJ issues this year, and as a temporary measure we published those issues in the Online Archive so that they are freely available for everyone.

As soon as printing and distribution can resume, those issues will be sent in printed form to subscribers and members.

With this short survey we would like to gauge from Ada-Europe members how they feel about the experience of not having a physical copy of the Ada User Journal.

Question Title

* 1. Did you download any PDF versions of the AUJ from the Ada-Europe website?

Question Title

* 2. If you did, how much material did you read from those PDFs compared to from a physical copy?

Question Title

* 3. Would you like to continue receiving a PDF version on the release of a new AUJ issue?

Question Title

* 4. Would you like to continue to receive physical copies of the AUJ?