Brighter Berkshire 2017 Year of Mental Health Survey

Brighter Berkshire was the name given to a year of connected people and activities across Berkshire which aimed to increase awareness & reduce stigma in mental health & increase local opportunities for those with mental health issues. It was run by mainly volunteers and all the events were supported with time or resource from people or companies to make it happen.

In essence we wanted to help to make it easier for anyone in Berkshire to talk about their own mental health and help create a culture of normalising mental health locally. 
  • Go to for more info on what we have been doing, includes event write ups, past news updates and more.
  • Check out our soundcloud - Brighter Berkshire for our linked BBC radio shows - Talking Heads. 
  • Check out our You Tube channel Brighter Berkshire for videos. 

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* 1. What is your name (if you are happy to be quoted)

* 2. How would you describe your gender

* 3. What is your age range 

* 4. What area do you live in

* 5. How would you describe your connection to mental health?

* 6. How do you know about Brighter Berkshire?

* 7. What is your impression of Brighter Berkshire?

* 8. What has been the most positive impact of Brighter Berkshire?

* 9. What would you improve about Brighter Berkshire? 

* 10. When looking at the aims of Brighter Berkshire of
- raising awareness,
- helping reduce stigma & 
- increasing local opportunities for people with mental health issues...

Do you think they have achieved these aims?

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