Doncaster General Practice Extended Hours Survey

Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is taking part in a national project to improve how you can access General Practice. The CCG is looking at when we should offer additional clinical appointments, which will be pre-bookable or same day, outside of normal working hours. These extra appointments will be in the evening (for example 6.30pm – 8.00pm) and at the weekend. Most of these appointments will be with clinicians who are not from your practice and will take place in different locations across Doncaster.

Your feedback is very much appreciated and helps us to shape services to meet your needs. The survey closes on 30 November 2017  at midnight. Thank you

* 1. First of all, in order to ensure we cover the whole of Doncaster, please can you give us your Postcode,
thank you.

* 2. Please look at the options below and select which days/times you prefer for these extra appointments:

* 3. It may be that your own GP Practice is unable to offer additional hours, but access to a GP for pre-book-
able and emergency appointments is available in a more central location. Please indicate how far you would be prepared to travel to see a GP/Clinician:

* 4. Please tell us what you think about a telephone consultation?

* 5. Please tell us what you think about a Skype / Video Call?

* 6. Please tell us what you think about E Consultation / E mail? 

* 7. Finally, do think think you would be likely to use an appointment outside of 'normal' working hours
(for example, 8.30am -6.30pm / and weekends )