Participation Survey

A new Sustainable Economic Development Plan is currently being developed for St Helena. The objectives of the Plan are to:
·         Provide a vision for the Island’s economic growth
·         Help investors understand St Helena’s strengths as a place to do business
·         Provide direction for decision making, to make it easier for businesses which contribute to economic development
·         Help set direction for Enterprise St Helena
The previous Sustainable Economic Development Plan focused on using tourism as the mechanism by which to grow the economy. Whilst that approach is still very valid, it is now time to widen the focus to other sectors.
In this survey we want to know what you think the future for sustainable economic growth will be on St Helena. 

* 1. Please tell us whether you:

* 2. Please select the three statements that you most agree with. "We've achieved Sustainable Economic Growth if..

* 3. What goods and services do you think we can sell more of so we can increase the amount of money coming into St Helena?

* 4. What do you think is holding us back from selling more abroad?

* 5. What goods or services do you think we can make and buy more of locally instead of using imports?

* 6. What is holding us back from making and buying locally instead of using imports?

* 7. Do you work in any of the following sectors?

* 8. If you work in any of the sectors identified in the previous question, how do you think your sector could export more or help import less? (If you answered 'none of the above' in the previous question, skip this question)

* 9. Do you have any other comments you wish to make about sustainable economic growth in St Helena?