Application Form

Please complete the application form below in full, including the declaration to validate your application.

There are limited places available therefore the more information you provide in your application, the greater your chance of being successful. 

We welcome applications from all women members of the Labour Party who have been Party members for one year or more, and who are members of Labour Women's Network.  Please note also that this form is an application, not a booking, and that we reserve the right in all cases to turn applications down at our discretion. If you are not currently a member of LWN and wish to apply you must have joined us before submitting your application.

The cost of the training (including accommodation and refreshments) is:
LWN members - £150
Our Solidarity Rate - £175 (we appreciate this as it adds an extra donation to help with our bursary scheme, future training and campaign work).

Fees must be paid in advance by Sunday, 7th August 2022. If you have an issue about paying in time, please email Jane on who will discuss this with you.

If you are unable to afford the full fee, you may be eligible for our Bursary Scheme, which is open to LWN members only who would not otherwise be able to access our training. If you wish to apply for this, please complete the relevant sections of the form below. Please note that Bursary recipients will still be asked to pay £5.  Again the more information you provide, the greater your chance of being successful. 

Please be aware that if you DO NOT fill in all the contact details required in the referee section your application will be void.  

Participants must have at least one year’s membership of the Labour Party before applying for this course; this is because a basic working knowledge of the Party is required to benefit from what we offer.  

We expect these courses to be in high demand, and places are limited. It is therefore particularly important that you use the form to demonstrate to us why you should be offered a place.  The deadline for applications will be 19th July or once all places have been allocated, so please apply early.
At the end of the application form you will see a diversity monitoring survey. It would be extremely helpful if you could complete this, so that we can continue to collect and publish anonymised diversity data about our trainees as well as take appropriate steps to ensure that our training is open and accessible to all our members and, where relevant, all women members of the Labour Party.

Once you have finished the application, please press submit to send your application to us. We will not contact you until after the relevant deadline has passed or once the course is full.

Please bear with us as we need to read all the applications submitted to determine who has been successful. If you need to contact us urgently please email

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* 1. Name

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* 2. Contact details:

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* 3. We mainly contact you via the email you provided, however on occasions we may contact you via phone. For GDPR we need specific consent;

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* 4. Social Media Details:

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* 7. Labour Party Membership Number

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* 8. Have you been, or are you now, any of the following?

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* 10. We have the following Residential course dates available at present;

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* 11. Do you have any access needs? Please give details.
We make every effort to ensure that the needs of each participant are met. We may contact you to discuss further

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* 12. Do you have any dietary requirements? Please give details.
We make every effort to ensure that the needs of each participant are met. We may contact you to discuss further

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* 13. Personal Statement

Please write a short (250 words max) personal statement telling us why you think you are suitable for this training and why you think its right for you now.
Include anything about your activities, experience or interests - political or otherwise - that you think is relevant.  Think about your strengths and weaknesses, shout about your achievements, share your aspirations and let us know how our training may assist you in the future.
This statement is very important in helping us to decide whether or not to allocate you a place, so do not leave it blank.

It it important that you keep a copy of your statement, as you will not be able to access it once you have submitted your application.

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* 14. Jean Black Bursary Fund

Our Jean Black Bursary Fund is open to any LWN member who is on a low-wage, on benefits, or single parents.  If you are successful in gaining a bursary place, the cost will be reduced to £5.  

If you would like to apply for a bursary please explain why, and what difference it would make.  

On previous courses we have receive a very high number of applications and can only arrive at a decision based on the information that you give us.  Although we are willing to consider applications from women who are in public office (e.g. Councillors), priority will usually be given to women who are not.

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* 15. Please provide one Labour Party referee:

This should be a branch/CLP officer, Councillor, MP or other Labour Party officer (you cannot be your own referee). Please ensure that the person concerned is aware of the fact that you have given us their details, and that we may contact them.
You MUST fill in ALL the information required.

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* 16. Confidentiality, Discretion and Conduct
To validate your application, please read the statements below and tick the boxes to show that you have read and understood it. If you do not do this, your application is invalid.