Survey for Accident and Emergency Workers

Paul Frew MLA is proposing a Private Member's Bill that would make it an offence to assault Accident and Emergency (A&E) workers.

He brought other legisation through the NI Assembly in May 2016 to protect ambulance workers, and this brought them into the line with police officers and firefighters.

Attacks continue to happen and hospital staff can then become casualities themselves meaning patients may suffer indirectly. Tougher sentencing would create a deterrant and provide a new level of respect towards these workers.

Paul Frew MLA intends to consult wider Healthcare providers and the general public at a later date, but this questionnaire is to help give a clearer picture of the experiences of staff in A&E. It is aimed at all the staff within the A&E departments such as any medical, administrative or other support capacity.

* 1. Length of time worked in Healthcare?

* 2. Length of time worked in A&E?

* 3. Number of hours worked per week?

* 4. Average length of shift?

* 5. Have you seen A&E staff experiencing physical assault while performing their duties?

* 6. If yes, how frequently have you seen these physical assaults?

* 7. How has this affected the operation of the A&E department/team?

* 8. Have you as an A&E worker been physically assaulted while performing your duties?

* 9. If yes, how frequently have these physcial assaults occured?

* 10. Have you ever been unable to perform your duties as a direct result of these physical assaults?

* 11. Have you ever had to take time off work as a direct result of these physical assaults?

* 12. Have you ever reported an occurrence of a physical assault?

* 13. If you did report it, please state who this was reported to and if it was part of an organisational policy to do so?

* 14. If you did NOT report it, what consideration did you take into account when not reporting?

* 15. Are you aware of your Trust's Policy Statement regarding abuse of staff and protecting Healthcare & Emergency staff from violence?

* 16. Have you received training in dealing with physical assaults?

* 17. Are you aware of any personal attack alarms? Are you aware of the information and guidance provided for staff on the use of alarms? Have you witnessed them in use?

* 18. Do you think there are instances where an A&E worker has experienced violence and it has not been regarded as physical assault?

* 19. Do you agree that tougher sentencing should be handed down to people who assault A&E staff?

* 20. If you do not believe that tougher sentences will reduce the number of attacks, what alternatives would you suggest?

* 21. Should a history of violent or unacceptable behaviour be recorded on the patient's healthcare records?

* 22. Is there a Policy that you know of, that means more than one Healthcare staff member should be present when treating a patient that is suspected or known to be liable to use violence?

* 23. Do you think having more than one person in attendance when treating a patient that is suspected or known to be liable to use violence would help combat assaults on A&E staff?

* 24. Do you have any further comments you wish to add?

* 25. How do you think the proposed legisation will impact on human rights?

* 26. How do you think the proposed legisation will impact on equality of opportunity?

* 27. Do you have any comments on the likely cost/financial implications of the proposed legisation?

* 28. Do you have any other comments on the proposed legisation?