Lyndhurst Parish Council is seeking nominations for four community awards which we will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in the spring of 2020. 
The four awards are:
  • The Community Spirit Award
  • The Youth Achievement Award
  • The Environmental Awareness Award
  • The Parish Champion
Details of the criteria for each award along with a nomination form are provided on the following pages.

Candidates who receive more than one nomination will automatically be considered by the Parish Council; those who receive only one nomination may be considered of the Council’s discretion.

The Council will consider whether each nomination meets the necessary criteria and will shortlist on this basis. Details of the shortlisted candidates will then be posted on our website and members of the public invited to vote. The public will make the final decision unless fewer than 100 votes are received in any category in which case the decision will revert to the Parish Council. 

The deadline for nominations is Monday The deadline for nominations is noon on Monday, 2nd December 2019. 
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