Have your say on the future of Lambeth Archives

Lambeth Council is conducting a review on the future location of Lambeth Archives, with a view to continuing to deliver an effective service going forward and to address the needs of existing and future users and those who deposit or donate records to Lambeth.

We would like your views on the current archives service and options for the future.

Lambeth Archives is the official repository for the records, worthy of long-term preservation, of the London Borough of Lambeth and its predecessor bodies. It is also the place of custody for archives from independent organisations with Lambeth associations and the Local Studies Library, which holds printed and published materials of local historical importance.

The Archives Service is currently based at the Minet Library building on Knatchbull Road.

Future location options will have to:

• Be affordable in capital and revenue terms
• Improve accessibility
• Utilise new technologies and address preservation and storage of digital records
• Maximise income generation
• Provide a place where people can come to discover and learn about local identify and heritage
• Meet national standards for storing archives
• Have enough space to house the present collections and future acquisitions

This survey runs until August 31st and the results will inform our recommendations. Thank you for your time.

* 1. Have you ever visited Lambeth Archives ?  Please select all that apply

* 2. When you visited Lambeth Archives did you: Please select all that apply

* 3. If you have never visited Lambeth Archives could you tell us why?  Please select all that apply

* 4. I would use Lambeth Archives more if:  Please select all that apply

* 5. What is the most important thing for Lambeth Archives to do to improve its service offer? Please rank your answer from 1-8 (1 important, 8 not important)

* 6. What is the best location for Lambeth Archives for you?  Please select all that apply

* 7. Are you male or female?

* 8. What is your age?

* 9. If you are a UK resident, what is your postcode?

* 10. If not a UK resident please write in your country of residence

* 11. How would you describe your ethnicity?

* 12. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

* 13. Thank you. You have completed the questions

In August, once viable options have been selected, there will be another round of engagement to test them. You would be welcome to take part in this stage. Should you wish to do so, please add your name and contact details, including your email address before pressing the Complete button on this form.