Thank you for responding to this call for evidence.

Our focus at the Early Intervention Foundation is to champion and support the use of effective early intervention to improve the lives of children and young people at risk of experiencing poor outcomes. We are currently identifying programmes that provide support to children who are victims  of domestic abuse and would welcome your input to ensure we are able to identify all the best available evidence.

We’d like to hear from you if:
·       You’re delivering or have developed a programme which supports children who are victims of domestic abuse
·       You have evaluation evidence which looks at the impact of this programme
In this call for evidence we would like to hear more about your programme and evaluation work. We will use this information to identify the best available evidence about what works to support children affected by domestic abuse. This information may be used for future reports and will inform the Early Intervention Foundation’s future work.

Please be aware that:
 ·       The questions range from multiple choice to open-text. In some cases, you will be prompted for a specific answer by a multiple-choice question, but then given the opportunity to provide additional information in an open-text box afterwards.
·       Please complete all questions. If you cannot answer any question for any reason, please state N/A.
·       In addition to the points here, please observe the specific guidance which accompanies each individual question.

 When completing the questionnaire, please note:
·       Please complete a separate questionnaire for each programme you are sharing.
·       If your programme is delivered in different forms that are tailored for parents or families including children of different age groups (e.g. toddler, pre-school, primary, pre-adolescent, adolescent), please complete a different questionnaire for each of these variations of your programme. 

If you provide information on behalf of the developer, please make sure that it has their full support and the necessary permissions to share with EIF.

If you have any questions please e-mail: ian.moore@eif.org.uk

This questionnaire can be completed multiple times but each individual submission has to be completed in one sitting, please read the PDF in advance to see questions.