As I am sure everyone is aware the Prime Minister triggered Article 50 on 29 March which means the negotiations about the UK’s departure from the EU will now begin in earnest. What form the future arrangements with the EU will take represents a great deal of uncertainty for businesses, but it also offers opportunities. At the moment nothing is set in stone so the time is ripe to influence the shape of the deal. 

I have already been involved in discussions with key Government departments about what our industry would want to see in any deal, based on the two areas I set out in our January newsletter – the need to avoid over-regulating livestock imports, and creating an environment where UK businesses can compete effectively with overseas competitors.

We are now entering a period where we can discuss these issues in more detail so it is important that OATA members let me know what concerns you and what you would like to see in the deal, be it in relation to border controls, tariffs, deregulation, or anything else. This is an important time for us all and an opportunity not to be missed so I would encourage you to complete our survey.   This will help us to seek the best outcome for you from these negotiations.
Dominic Whitmee
OATA Chief Executive

* 2. What do you want to see in the deal?

* 3. What do you not want to see in the deal?

* 4. Any other comments