We want to learn more about your experience of, and thoughts about, improving or changing pharmacy services in your community. Pharmacy services are either services you receive in your community pharmacy or from a dispensary in your GP practice.  We would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire below.   

* 1. How often do you access local pharmacy services in your area?

* 2. Do you always visit the same pharmacy service?

* 3. Can you easily access pharmacy services?

* 4. Thinking about the pharmacy service you visit most often, how do you normally get there?

* 5. What type of pharmacy service is it?

* 6. The following questions ask about what local pharmacies do well and what could be improved.  What does your pharmacy or GP practice dispensary do well?

* 7. Are there any other services you would like to access from your local pharmacy or GP practice dispensary?

* 8. Is there any way your pharmacy or GP practice dispensary could be improved?

* 9. Thinking about services from pharmacies only:
The following services can be accessed from your local pharmacy.  Could you please indicate if you are aware these services are available and also if you have used the service:

* 10. Do you feel comfortable getting advice from and talking to the pharmacist about health problems?

* 11. Are you able to talk in your pharmacy without being overheard?

* 12. When you get new medication does the pharmacist explain how, when and why you should use or take it?

* 13. Does the pharmacy usually have your prescribed medication in stock?

* 14. Are the pharmacy staff polite and helpful when you visit or contact them?

* 15. Pharmacy Name (optional)

* 16. Have you ever used a commercial, online pharmacy eg Express Pharmacy, to access pharmacy services?

* 17. If you answered Yes to Qu 16 can you tell us why?