The Growth Company (GC) is a Merlin accredited not-for-profit provider of services to people, businesses and places. Our purpose is to Enable Growth, Create Jobs and Improve Lives. GC has an extensive track record of helping people to become self-employed or grow their business. We deliver the Business Growth Hub in Greater Manchester, helping 15000 businesses to grow every year. We also hold the prime contracts for the Start Smart (ERDF) and Enterprising You (GMCA/DFE) contracts for start-up and self-employed businesses as well as support individuals on our DWP and devolved employment contracts to become self-employed.

GC is considering bidding for this DWP opportunity, currently in Market Engagement phase. We are interested in hearing from organisations interested in partnering with GC, across England, Scotland and Wales. Please complete the short questionnaire below to express your interest in working with us. We look forward to hearing from you by 5pm on Wednesday 8th April 2020.
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