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* 4. By entering, you agree to the following: 

“All KUGB events are controlled by qualified KUGB officials, who expect high standards of behaviour, including the proper control of techniques. However, injuries can occur in kumite and the organisers cannot accept responsibility for such injuries. Qualified Medical Staff personnel are always in attendance at KUGB championships. I confirm that my KUGB licence will be up to date as at the date that the championship will take place.”


Children remain the responsibility of their parent/guardian throughout the championship. If you will not be attending with your child, a pre-agreed chaperone should be nominated, and a Bristol Karate Academy instructor should be notified in advance.

Parents of any competitors under 18 are required to complete a Bristol Karate Academy Child Permission Form, which should be supplied at least a week before the event. Without this, child competitors will not be able to take part.

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