Thank you for your response which will help set priorities for future research into smell and taste disorders and for telling us you would be happy to take part in this second phase of the process.

What Do I Need To Do Now?
We now want to ask you to help us in this next stage. The first phase survey suggested hundreds of potential questions.  Our independent data analysts have checked these for uncertainty, and combined questions that were similar enough to group together. The Steering Group of the Priority Setting Partnership used pre-agreed criteria to reduce this large dataset to 36 unique research questions. The James Lind Alliance has been supporting this process and ensuring that the decisions made have been fair and transparent. We now need to assess which of the 36 research questions should be given priority. In order to do this we are asking you to choose ten that you would most like to see answered by research that will be taken to the final workshop on Friday 19th November where they will be reviewed and a consensus achieved on the Top 10 priorities for smell and taste disorders.

What Happens Next?
By voting for your Top 10 research priorities, you will be helping the Steering Group to establish a shortlist of the most important topics for future treatment research in smell and taste disorders. This shortlist will be discussed at the final workshop on Friday 19th November 2021 in Manchester.  Participants will be a mix of people with smell/taste disorders, family, carers, health professionals that treat and care for people with a smell/taste disorder and other appropriate representatives.  Workshop participants will agree a final Top 10 from the shortlist  and these will become the focus of work to establish future funding for research in treating smell and taste disorders.

Delegates at the final workshop will be representative of the causations and disorders, drawn from people who have taken part in this project. If you wish to apply to take part in this workshop, the first question of this survey advises how to do this.

How will Fifth Sense Use and Store the Information I Provide?
You don't need to provide contact details and if you do, we will keep them separate from your responses. You won't be personally identifiable in any analysis of the results. We will keep the information you provide secure.
We are only collecting contact details to be able to contact you if you tell us you want to apply to be considered as a delegate at the final workshop. We will not use your details for any other purpose.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: