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Disability law service is a charity that has been providing free legal advice to disabled people and their carers since 1975.  We cover Community Care, Housing, Welfare Benefits and Employment law. 

We are able to advise on employment matters related to the Equality Act, including discrimination in the workplace.

But the Equality Act provides protection for disabled people in many more areas.  Sadly, we do not currently have the capacity to advise in these other areas.

We think we should.  An Equality Act Lawyer would be able to assist with goods and services, the public sector and education.  For example, in the case of goods and services, we know of an insurance company that is refusing to allow assistance dogs in cars that they cover.  Our lawyer could take these cases on so as to end this practice.

We are trying to raise funding for an Equality Act Lawyer.  Sixteen other disability charities support our ambition.  We want to be able to show funders that disabled people and their carers also support our goal. 

If you are a disabled person or care for a disabled person, will you please help us by completing this short survey?

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* 1. Are you a disabled person or do you care for a disabled person?

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* 2. If you answered yes to Question 1, Do you think that it would be beneficial for Disability Law Service to provide free legal advice and representation on all aspects of the Equality Act?

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* 3. If you answered yes to Question 2, Are you able to give any examples of how you have been discriminated against or otherwise treated badly because of your disability or position as a carer in any of the following areas: the provision to you of goods or services; treatment by a public authority; or in the case of your education?

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* 4. Are you willing to be contacted by us so that we can seek further information? If so, please provide your details below. 

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