Since 2013 local authorities are required to determine their own Council Tax Support local schemes.  It provides financial support towards the cost of council tax bills for low income working age households.


Local schemes must be affordable and in line with agreed budgets.


The purpose of this consultation exercise is to request your view on a further change to the level of support in place for households. The specific change we propose to make to the scheme would set a maximum level of support payable.


The scheme uses a working age household’s level of income to calculate whether a degree of support can be provided.  For pensioners there is mandatory protection in place which ensures they do not receive a cap on the amount of support they receive. The support for pensioners is not affected by this consultation and the 100 per cent subsidy currently available will continue.


Based on individual and personal circumstances, some households are eligible to receive a level of support and this is currently capped at 77 per cent subsidy towards their Council Tax.