The Grange School: Preparing to be a mentally healthy school.

The Grange School believes that if our students are both physically and mentally healthy they are better able to learn. We have all heard in the news that young people are increasingly struggling with mental health concerns.
Here at The Grange School, we want to support our young people to be as mentally healthy as possible. In 2018 we will be working with local charity Dorset Mind to work towards becoming a mentally healthy school. Please help us by taking 2 minutes to answer these 10 questions.
This survey is completely anonymous but your answers will help us to understand how best we can plan our education and support programmes next year.
Thank you.

* 1. I am a:

* 2. My gender is:              (we ask this question because mental health concerns can be different for different genders or for people for whom gender is not as easy to define)

* 3. I know this much about how to be mentally healthy:

* 4. I know this much about common mental health concerns that young people face:

* 5. I think I am here in terms of my own ability to cope with any mental health concerns:

0 Unable to cope at all 3 I cope OK but could be better
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 6. In terms of coping with mental health concerns, I think students at The Grange School :

* 7. Generally speaking do you think young people in society are supported well to be mentally healthy?

* 8. Specifically, how well do you think The Grange School supports their students to be mentally healthy.

* 9. If I experienced a concern about my own or a student's mental health:

* 10. My opinion about The Grange School becoming a mentally healthy school is: