* 1. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Wild Night Run series?

* 2. How would you rate the value for money of the Wild Night Run series?

* 3. How likely is it that you would recommend The Wild Night Run Race Series to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 4. how would you rate the courses of the races you took part in where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent? (please only rate the races you took part in)

  Poor 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Excellent N/A
Dart 2 Dart, 9.5 mile, Dartmeet
Dart 2 Dart, 5.5 mile, Dartmeet
Burrator Noir 10 mile, Burrator
Burrator Noir 10K, Burrator
Dark Dart Dash 10K, Dartington
Dark Dart Dash 5K, Dartington
Wild Night Run 10 mile, South Brent
Mild Night Run 5 mile, Brent
Haldon Night 10K, Haldon Forest
Haldon Night 5K, Haldon Forest
Moonlight Flit 1/2 Marathon (Totnes)
Moonlight Flit 10K (Totnes)
Back to Black, 10K, Bristol
Back 2 Black, 5K, Bristol

* 5. How did you rate the Race Manuals & other race information you received from us?

* 6. This year we had finishers medals at each race. How important were the finishers medals to you?

Very important
Somewhat important
Neither one or the other
Not very important
Not at all important?

* 7. Do you have any suggestions for what we could do instead of medals?

* 8. What suggestions do you have for improving the Wild NIght Run Series for next season?

* 9. In case you win a prize in the draw what's your email address?