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Title: Courtship and Breakup Behaviour 

: Our names are; Keshini Masani, Dr. Melanie Knieps, from the University of Leicester School of Psychology.

 Purpose of data collection: Dissertation Research

Details of Participation: The participants will engage in an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will consist of four different parts; a personality questionnaire, an attachment styles questionnaire, an opinion questionnaire, and a courtship and breakup questionnaire.

 The study will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 


1. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I may withdraw from the research at any time without giving any reason. 
2. I am aware of what my participation will involve.
3. My data are to be held confidentially and Dr. Melanie Knieps, Keshini Masani and other competent researchers will have access to them.
4. My data will be kept in a secure file in the University computers for a period of at least one year after the appearance of any associated publications. Any aggregate data (e.g. spread sheets) will be kept in electronic form for up to one year, after which time they will be deleted.
5. In accordance with the requirements of some scientific journals and organisations, my coded data may be shared with other competent researchers. My coded data may also be used in other related studies. Any identifying details such as student ID's will not be shared with anyone and will be kept separate from the data file. 
6. The overall findings may be submitted for publication in a scientific journal, or presented at scientific conferences.

7. This study will take approximately one month to complete.
8. I will be able to obtain general information about the results of this research by giving the researcher my email address.
I am giving my consent for data to be used for the outlined purposes of the present study and all questions that I have about the research have been satisfactorily answered.

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1. Do you agree to the above terms? By clicking yes, you consent that you are willing to
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