Survey to assess the extent of those in fuel poverty in Northumberland who use wood as a fuel source

This is a survey to assess the level of fuel poverty in Nothumberland and the feasibility of supplying seasoned wood logs to those in need.  The idea is similar to a food bank in that goods are supplied for free but the log banks would not open to the public, it would be a delivery service only.

We would like to reach out to:
1  Every household in Northumberland affected by wood fuel poverty due to financial constraints, age, ill-health or isolation
2  Those who could help set up and supply a log bank
3  Potential volunteers 

More than 1 in 10 households in England are in fuel poverty. The  percentage of households in fuel poverty in Northumberland is above the national average. 

The idea is to set up log banks at a few sites in Northumberland from which seasoned wood is supplied to those in need, or for whom access to logs is difficult. We would like to contact households who use wood - either entirely or partially - for heating their homes but are unable to afford it or who have difficulty in acquiring it. 

The role of log donors is vital. There is a huge amount of felled wood lying around that farmers, forest managers, businesses and estate owners could donate and we want to ask for their help. 

This would obviously be a charitable enterprise.

Please look at the questions below and answer if applicable. The information collected from this survey will not be shared; it will be encrypted and comply with data protection rules and only be seen by those establishing the log bank. 

Question Title

* 1. Are you in need of free wood logs, because you are unable to afford them or you have difficultly obtaining them due to age, isolation or ill-health? 

A household is said to be fuel poor if it spends more than 10% of its income on fuel to maintain an adequate standard of warmth. We will help you assess your situation if you would like. 

If so please provide you name, address, email or telephone number in the comment box below.  If you do not wish to include your contact details here, please send an email to indicating your interest.

Question Title

* 2. Can you provide a space to store seasoned logs from which they are distributed?

Please note, the log bank is a delivery service only so the log banks are not open to the public. The site of space needed is approximately 2 to 4 times the size of an average garage. 
If so please provide you name, address, email and telephone number in the comment box below.

Question Title

* 3. Do you have fallen wood and would you allow safe access to your land or site so trained volunteers can cut up and collect the wood for free?

We are looking for wood from small branches up to medium sized tree trunks. It is not just land owners or managers - sawmills, recycling centres and carpenters may have wood to donate.

If so please provide you name, address, email and telephone number in the comment box below.

Question Title

* 4. Would you like to be a volunteer - as an individual or organisation - at the log bank to either cut and collect wood or to to deliver it?

Delivering may also involve stacking wood safely in addition to checking for log burner / fireplace safety. It would be ideal to provide apprenticeships or training to volunteers and young people. Volunteers would need to be willing to undergo a DBS check.

If so please provide you name, address, email and telephone number in the comment box below.