Learning & Sharing Network - TOGETHER FOR OUR PLANET

With our partners we are setting up a Community & Faith Leaders Network to help inspire and develop local climate actions in diverse communities - especially with already identified Community Champions as part of our 'Steps to Recovery' programme.

First, though we need your views, perspectives and ideas. To establish how best to generate climate action projects and activities.

Thank you for reading our promotional flier about the Network. The Network is designed to inspire and educate community and faith leaders on what actions they can take and (crucially) what community-led initiatives they can co-create and lead on where they live. We have an initial target of 60 (expanding to 400) community and faith leaders joining the Network, each being encouraged, emboldened and strengthened in taking climate action via the new network we develop with them and through three major online webinar sessions (early 2022) with key inspirational speakers, providing practical examples and showcasing exemplar community-led climate action projects. 

Learning will also extend to outdoor activities, nature camps and on-site awaydays. With our environmental partners - nature camps with the Wilderness Foundation (Essex, North Wales & Scotland), and on-site guidance on rewilding with Wild Ken Hill (Norfolk) and on-line with Rewilding Portugal are planned for mid Spring 2022. Community garden and eco-food poverty reduction partners will be showcasing their work in Redcar, Liverpool, Manchester, Southwark, Middlesbrough, Rochdale, Peterborough and Bury St Edmunds. 

Civil Society Consulting is co-ordinating the Network in partnership with Strengthening Faith Institutions, Faiths Forum for London and Faith Network for Manchester. Civil Society Consulting is an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise – a Community Interest Company. 

For more information:
Mark Ereira-Guyer mark@civilsocietyconsulting.co.uk 
Yasmin Jiang yasmin@civilsocietyconsulting.co.uk 

The Network is financially supported by the National Lottery's Community Fund: Together for Our Planet.

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