Southwark's Overview and Scrutiny Committee is carrying out an investigation into the problems relating to peak-time travel across the borough.  We want to know about those issues, big and small, which make it difficult for you to get to work or get the kids to school in the morning.  Are there bus stops where people just can't get on the bus because it's always to crowded?  Is it difficult getting in and out of your train station at peak times?  Are there cycling routes which you feel are unsafe?  

We also want to get your positive suggestions for improvement. Could extending a bus route a little further link up the local transport network?  Could more be done to relieve congestion on the roads?

Southwark Council does not have direct control over many of the issues which will come up, but the council does have significant influence.  Southwark Scrutiny will engage with various organisations, including the new Mayor and TfL to bring these problems to the fore, and see if more can be done to resolve them.

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