Patient feedback gathered has informed us it is difficult on occasion to contact the practice via the telephone due to the current system in place. The alternative system would be a call queuing system which would allow callers to be directed to other service extensions such as 'the secretaries'. The drawback to this system is once you are connected to the practice you would immediately start to pay for your call dependent on your own telephone package. 
Please complete the survey in order that we can provide the most efficient service for all our patients.


* 1. Would you prefer a call queuing system eventhough you  may have to wait and pay for the call dependent on your telephone package?

* 2. Would you prefer the telephone system we have in place now where the phone rings but no message or call queuing system is in place?
(This only charges the patient from when you are connected directly to a receptionist.)

* 3. Is there any other suggestions you have that may be useful for our telephone system?