* 1. How often do you attend live classical music at Emmanuel Church?

* 2. What three words best describe your experience of Emmanuel Church as a venue?

* 3. What is your impression of the current concert programme?

* 4. How important do you think it is that these concerts happen in your area?

* 5. Are you on Music in the Round's mailing list?

* 6. How do you find out about the next Music in the Round concerts coming up at Emmanuel Church?

* 7. How important are these in your decision to go to a live classical music concert?

  Vital Important Neither important or unimportant Not very important Irrelevant
Ensemble 360
Already knowing some of the music being played
Hearing something for the first time
The variety of the music you'll hear
The composers
A positive recommendation
The date and time of the concert
Emmanuel Church

* 8. What best describes how you feel about the cost of the concerts?

* 9. Would you be interested in a subscription ticket that would reduce the cost per concert?

* 10. What is your postcode? (for statistical purposes only)