The Growth Company (GC) is a Merlin accredited not-for-profit provider of services to people, businesses and places.  Our purpose is to Enable Growth, Create Jobs and Improve Lives.  GC has an extensive track record of working with offenders in the community and in custody through MOJ, DWP and locally commissioned contracts.

The MOJ Dynamic Framework seeks to strengthen the Day 1 offer to offenders on probation, through a range of services across ten categories: Accommodation; Education Training Employment (ETE);  Finance, Benefits Debt; Addictions and Dependencies; Emotional and Personal Wellbeing; Mentoring and Social Inclusion; Family and Significant Others; Lifestyle and Associates; Women; Young Adults aged 18-24.  These categories are likely to be organised into 5 Lots for procurement:

Lot 1: Accommodation

Lot 2: Education/Training/Employment (ETE) and Finance/Benefit/Debt

Lot 3: Addiction/Dependency

Lot 4: Personal Wellbeing

Lot 5: Women’s Interventions which meet the needs identified in 1-4 above

GC is considering bidding for this MOJ opportunity, currently in Market Engagement phase.  We are interested in hearing from organisations interested in partnering with GC in Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) geographies across the North West, Yorkshire and Humber and for Lots 2, 3 and 4 above.  Please complete the short questionnaire below to express your interest in working with us.  We look forward to hearing from you by 5pm on Wednesday 8th April 2020.
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