What do you want from your village store and cafe?

New members have recently been elected to your village shop committee.

We realise we can’t compete with large stores, like Aldi or Tesco but we can improve and take the shop in the direction you want.

Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire. Thank you for your time.

Cottingham and Middleton Village Store and Cafe
Phone: (01536) 770009
Email: cottinghamshop@gmail.com
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Please let us have your comments by 31 March 2017

* 1. What food/drink/products would you like to buy?

* 2. Would you buy deli style produce?

* 3. Would you buy homemade, wholesome and nutritious meals for easy meals at home?

* 4. Would you buy flowers?

* 5. Would you hold meetings/groups at the shop?

* 6. What opening hours would be helpful?

* 7. Any other suggestions/comments would be welcomed

* 8. Your age