Are ISTE Presenters, EdChat Moderators & Edcamp organisers Interested in Exploring this Idea?

For the last 2-3 years we have been exploring Crowdfunding educator PD. While we have helped to develop this idea and prove the concept the uptake has been slow (See this #Get2ISTE Post).

This survey is to assess if Connected educators feels this is worth continuing to develop.

* 1. Are you interested in attending events that were supported by suppliers who's product/service you are a fan of?

* 2. Have you advocated for a company/product in the past?

* 3. If yes, which company have you advocated for previously?

* 4. What form did this advocacy take? (ie being on an ambassador programme, discussing the company/product with your PLN via SM, during a chat or as a dedicated topic, giving a demo at and edcamp or presenting at a conference etc)

* 5. Would you be able to estimate the value of the advocacy in any way (ie Amount of time spent, number of people you recommended the product/service to etc)

* 6. What kind of outreach and advocacy would you be willing to do before, during and after an event in exchange for support to get to an event? (Share details on SM, wear branded merchandise at the event, spent time at the suppliers stand for a set period of time giving demos, apply to organisers to deliver a workshop/presentation etc)

* 7. If you were interested in getting the cost of PD covered please give details of companies you'd be happy to advocate for. Please list any companies below or include a Twitter list like this oneĀ @shellterrell - fav tech

* 8. How much would be required to get you to ISTE2018

* 9. Contact Information