Kent RFU Volunteer Awards Nominations 2018

The Kent RFU volunteer Awards, voted for by members of Kent RFU Clubs.  Nominees and their plus one will be invited to join us on Thursday 7th June, from 7pm at Shepherd Neame Brewery, as the County celebrate those within rugby who are responsible for ensuring Rugby can be played every week in Kent.
These awards are to recognise those who volunteer in rugby and can be coaches, administrators, referees, medical support, social organisers and committee members.

* 1. Please name the volunteer you wish to nominate.

* 2. Which Kent RFU club are they a member of?

* 3. Which volunteer award are you nominating them for?
Please ensure the person nominated is involved in rugby for the category that you nominate them for.
(Anyone involved in volunteering within the category can be nominated)

* 4. Why do you think the nominee deserves to win this award? (please keep to 100 words)

* 5. Please enter your details, so we can verify club membership

* 6. Please enter the contact email and phone number for the volunteer you are nominating. (Not your email address, the nominated person's contact email or phone no)