The Council is mapping what support is being made available by town and parish councils, community and voluntary sector organisations and new groups to help support people over 70 during the next 3 months.

Once we know what is already available or being mobilized we will endeavor to identify gaps in support across the district with a view to offer relevant support to vulnerable residents.

It is likely we will be contacting all known households with a person of 70 years and older to ask if they need help. We intend to clearly signpost to known schemes when contact is made to the Council.

The aim is to reduce the risk to residents through a collective effort across public and voluntary sector of someone who needs help missing out, and to prevent duplication of efforts where possible.

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* 4. Is your organisation mobilising a support offer for over 70s who have been advised to self isolate at home for 12 weeks? (If no skip to question 12)

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