The Self-review Framework has a robust pedigree having served school leaders intent on school improvement for many years. The Framework has been carefully looked after by representatives of all phases of education, in schools and by the organisations that support them. We are about to recheck that it is fully meeting the challenges faced by schools in the many contexts that it serves. And we would like your help! We have designed a consultation that we really hope you can respond to. We are closing this at the end of February 2016 and will use your feedback to move into the detail. As always we will take care that existing users of the Framework are guided through with a minimum of disruption.

You can download a copy of the Framework here.

* 1. Your name

* 2. Your organisation or school

* 3. Your email address

* 4. The Framework was conceived to support school leaders in putting in place strategic approaches to developing the use of ICT (education technology) in school. Does the content of the Framework need to be changed to be relevant in light of the changes to the education system and advances in technology? 

* 5. The Framework was developed to support a wide range of school development priorities for which the use of ICT has an impact. Are there any development priorities that should be supported by technology that are missing from the Framework?

* 6. The Framework is currently organised into six elements, intended to cover the scope of a school’s work:
  • Leadership and Management
  • Use of ICT in the curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment of digital capability
  • Professional Development
  • Resources
Should these elements be reorganised to better reflect areas of development within schools?

* 7. The Framework was developed as a self-supported development tool leading to an optional formal assessment and the ICT Mark Award. Would schools be interested in a package of support from Naace, including face to face support from a “critical friend” based on supporting a school’s development and progress through the Framework?

If you have further comment, or there was insufficient space for your response, please email