* 1. Name, Organisation and Phone Number:

* 2. Email address:

* 3. What sub-sector of the Photography Industry do you specialise in?

* 4. Have you trained any employees over the past four years using the current Photo Imaging Apprenticeship Framework?

* 5. Were there any barriers preventing you accessing the current Photo Imaging Apprenticeship Framework?

* 6. The new proposed replacement Apprenticeship offer for the Photography sector will be the Photographer Apprenticeship Standard.   [This is aimed at those either wishing to enter the Industry or retrain. There is no age limit. ] Employers are central in setting the Competence, Knowledge / Understanding and Behaviours to be covered within the training requirements for this job role.

What are the generic WORKPLACE SKILLS that every Photographer would need to be competent in the job role?

* 7. What essential KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING would every Photographer need to be competent in the role?

* 8. What are the BEHAVIOURS you would expect a Photographer would need to carry out this job role?

* 9. Are there any Professional Registration routes that a Photographer could join on completion of this Apprenticeship Standard?

* 10. Either currently or in the near future will your organisation need to recruit a Photographer Apprentice?