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The CFCA's Fraud Loss Survey

Fraud negatively impacts everyone, including residential and commercial customers.  It increases communications operators’ operating costs and impacts their profitability.  Although operators have increased measures to minimize fraud and reduce their losses, criminals continue to abuse communications networks and services. As an industry expert, the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) seeks your help by completing the following Fraud Loss Survey.

Information from this survey is used to:
  • Gather information regarding the extent of fraud within the communications industry
  • Gather high-level data to assist law enforcement, regulators, service providers, and the general public understand the impacts of communications fraud
  • Provide benchmarking and trending information regarding fraud within the communications industry
Since 1999, the CFCA has conducted these surveys. Participation in the survey is voluntary. The CFCA treats all surveys with complete confidentiality and does not capture or retain any company-specific information. Your answers are completely anonymous. As a participant, you may request a copy of the survey results by contacting the CFCA’s Headquarters.

New for 2021

This year we have added questions to:
  • Benchmark which fraud controls carriers have within their businesses
  • Determine how carriers are protecting themselves from internal fraud
  • Discover how fraud is impacting 5G and IOT services
  • Identify how fraud departments have been impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic
We are also happy to announce the survey this year has been translated and distributed into additional languages to reach a more global audience.

To have a statistically valid sampling from across the global communications industry, we need your input!
(If you are part of a large organization, please also try to limit responses to one per company.)

Thank you in advance for your participation.

About CFCA

The Communications Fraud Control Association is a not-for-profit global educational association that is working to combat communications fraud. The mission of the CFCA is to be the premier international association for revenue assurance, loss prevention, and fraud control through education and information. By promoting a close association among telecommunications fraud security personnel, CFCA serves as a forum and clearinghouse of information pertaining to the fraudulent use of communications services. For more information, visit CFCA at

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