ADHD Solutions Adult ADHD Services Questionaire

Thank you for taking part in this survey, we are currently looking for funding to enable us to provide more services for adults with ADHD.  Your input to help us design a service that will meet the needs of adults with ADHD is very important

* 2. Which age group are you?

* 4. If you have been diagnosed, where did you get your diagnosis?

* 5. How long ago did you receive your diagnosis

* 6. Do you take medication for your ADHD?

* 7. What ADHD Solutions services have you accessed to date

* 8. Is the fact that we currently have to charge for coaching a barrier to you accessing the service

* 9. We are currently applying for funding to enable us to develop our adult service, if we are successful what would you like the new service to include? Please tick every answer that applies

* 10. Thank you for taking our survey, please add any additional comments that you think might be useful for our application.
If you would like us to keep you up dated please add your name and email below.