Thanks for choosing the WrestleZone Training Academy

Before considering your training application, we require you to answer some questions to assess your suitability for our training programme.

If you have any questions before completing your application, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  or you can contact us by email to

Please be aware that if you are accepted, you will begin on a four-week induction session to fully assess your suitability for entering the full training programme. Currently, these sessions are held at our training facility on Monday and Thursday nights between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

If accepted into the training academy, we expect you to maintain and improve your physical fitness over time. While carrying extra weight or minor injuries may hamper you, they do not preclude you from beginning training. You will be expected to improve your fitness over time.

Training is overseen by members of the WrestleZone roster. Your traineeship will be monitored and reviewed at regular intervals. We reserve the right to cancel your traineeship at any time. We have a set of guidelines to be adhered to, a copy of which will be provided in your induction pack. There will also be a disclaimer for you to sign before commencement of wrestling training.

The following questions should take approximately 15 minutes to answer. Please answer the questions fully and provide additional information as required.

Once submitted, your application will be considered and if successful, you will be invited to our next induction evening held at regular intervals throughout the year.

Thanks once again for your interest in the WrestleZone Training Academy - please like our Facebook page at

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