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* 1.  Do you now recognise that some children with asthma may not respond to inhaled beta2 agonist as a result of their gene status?

* 2. Do you feel that it is important to identify triggers to improve the management of childhood asthma? 

* 3. Do you feel that a more personalised approach could help identify a more suitable alternative treatment in some of these children?

* 4. Will you use the history template in your practice?

* 5. Has this session influenced your understanding of the management of children's asthma and allergy?

* 6. If yes for the last question, how do you expect your new understanding to influence your practice?

* 7. Does what  you have heard make you think that it’s important to identify coeliac disease patients early?

* 8. Do you feel there are cost benefits from identifying and treating coeliac disease patients earlier?

* 9. Do you feel more confident in identifying non-classical patients with coeliac disease?

* 10. Will you audit your practice to determine if you have identified all at-risk patients for coeliac disease?

* 11. Will you visit the RCGP module?

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