Welcome and thank you

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.

What’s this survey about?
The GP Confederation has been asked by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to think about how we can improve patient engagement in primary care across City and Hackney. The survey is about understanding your experiences with your Patient Participation Group (PPG).

This survey is being run on behalf of the GP Confederation by Sam Meikle who works for Spark the Difference, an independent organisation which is supporting the GP Confederation to undertake this work.

What will survey responses be used for?
We’ll use the information you provide in two ways:
1. To create a commissioned report for the CCG to describe current PPG activities across City and Hackney; and
2. To help the Confederation develop new and better ways of supporting practices and neighbourhoods to engage better and more effectively with patients and share good practice.

How to complete this survey?
You can complete this survey yourself online through Survey Monkey or you can arrange a 15-20 minute call with Sam Meikle, where you can verbally give her your responses. To arrange a call with Sam, click Sam’s Calendly appointments to access her diary directly.

Want to talk further?
If you would like to talk further about your views or experiences of PPGs, please get in touch with Sam Meikle (sam@sparkthedifference.com or 07596 680 782) and she will arrange a time for a call or a coffee.