Have your say on the treatment we provide by filling in this survey.

Our objective will be to gather and collate information during February 2018.  Your feedback is really valuable to us; in order to help our service reflect the needs of the people who are using it.   

This feedback will then be presented to yourselves and inspire in the hope that service gaps or needs can be developed. Notice boards in reception area’s Accrington and Burnley will be utilised.

* 1. Initials

* 2. Your Age Group

* 3. Gender

* 4. What do you value most about your treatment?

* 5. What would be valuable to add to treatment options?

* 6. I have previously attended group work sessions within inspire.

* 7. Any ideas on what could assist in making groups more accessible?

* 8. What are the main benefits you gain from attending one to one appointments?

* 9. The current group program meets the needs of myself.

* 10. The current group program meets the needs of other service users.

* 11. I would attend Gender specific groups (all male/all female/LGBT)

* 12. Are there any specific groups that would benefit yourself or the local community for example,  anxiety, stress, sleep, art, creative writing or any other ideas. 

* 13. Any other feedback that you think maybe helpful to recovery networks. Please comment below.