Patreon is a site through which people can crowdfund their favourite creators (artists, bloggers, writers, gamers etc.) on a rolling, e.g. monthly, basis. In return people get 'rewards': perks such as exclusive content, customised content or discounts on something the creator already offers. Generally the more you pledge per month, the more rewards you get.

I'm researching why people do or don't want to pledge to creators. Please note most creators already offer something for free as standard (like a cartoon series, YouTube videos or a blog) and use Patreon to offer something more.

* 1. If you were to pledge to a creator, why would you pledge? (Or if you have already, why?)

* 2. If you were to pledge, how much would you consider pledging per month? (Please note Patreon pledges are currently USD only; international patrons pay the exchange rate equivalent)

* 3. What would you consider to be a reward/perk worth pledging for?

* 4. What has/would stop you from pledging to a creator?

* 5. Many creators have specific goals they want to reach through Patreon. What sort of goal would encourage you to pledge to a creator?

* 6. Finally, do you have any other thoughts on Patreon and crowdfunding in general?