In the years that we have been advising on risk management, one of the clearest messages is that it needs to be proportionate to the needs of the business. This survey looks at a number of dimensions of risk management and you are invited to respond based on your position in the organisation and your knowledge of how the organisation works. There are no right or wrong answers, there are just your perceptions. We can work with a single response or a series of responses from within the organisation, but if you want a series of different people to answer from the same organisation, then you will need to contact us (Contact via Website) and there will be a small charge. 

All responses will be confidential and we will not tell anyone how you responded unless you first give us permission. Individual responses will be collected together to see if we can begin to identify any mega trends, but individual responses will never be identifiable.

Once you have completed the survey, we will prepare a bespoke report for you with some recommendations for what we think you should be addressing next (if anything) and our suggestions as to how you might go about that. 

Question Title

* 1. Thinking about risk management in your business from your perspective, rate how closely these statements reflect your organisation. Don’t think about any of them for too long, your first impressions are just fine.

  Totally unlike our organisation A bit unlike our organisation Neither like nor unlike our organisation A bit like our organisation Totally like our organisation N/A
Policies and procedures on risk? What policies and procedures?
Taking risk is totally in the DNA of this organisation
Our controls are so sloppy anything can get through them
We never think about today, we are always looking to tomorrow and beyond
The people who need to know about our risk management is a very small group
The IT tools have got risk management under control
Internal audit is really a matter of jumping through the hoops
Our risk structures, policies and procedures are entirely comprehensive
You daren’t take a risk here: or you will have your head chopped off
Our risk processes are one of the main reasons we never actually take a risk
We’re always dealing with today’s or yesterday’s issues; there’s no time to think ahead
We are all risk experts in this business
Microsoft Office provides all we need for keeping up to date with our risks
Between all the people who come to audit or review us there is no time to do our work
I need some information about you in order to provide you with feedback. The feedback will only work if you give me a genuine email address and the name of a company that I can find on the internet! Sorry, but if I cannot Google it, I will not prepare a report for you.

Question Title

* 2. Please provide

Question Title

* 3. Just help us to gauge your response in the context of your organisation

  Not at all Not to any extent Neither yes nor no To an extent Totally N/A
I am an expert in risk management
My organisation has got risk management sorted
We have done lots of work on risk management
We have got lots to do to make risk management effective
Risk management is on our DNA
Thank you very much for responding. We will get back to you with a summary of your results and our thoughts as soon as we can. Please click on "Done" and your responses will be submitted to us. Thank you.