Introduction, Application Process & Acceptance.

In association with the RAF Flying Clubs'  Association (RAFFCA), the RAF Charitable Trust (RAFCT) now welcomes applications from serving regular and reservist Royal Air Force Junior Ranks for the 2019 Junior Rank Pilot Scholarship Scheme (JRPSS).  The RAFCT Trustees are delighted to confirm that the number of scholarship places available for the 2019 Scheme is 30.   

Applications will be accepted during the period 1 Dec 18 to 31 Jan 19 (inc). Applications received after this period will not be considered. Competition for the Scheme is likely to be high and, therefore, candidates are encouraged to spend time completing their application with accurate and considered answers to each question.  The contact details of an applicant's line manager must be completed in full as their opinion will be sought regarding the candidate's suitability for selection. Applicants should inform their line manager of their intention to apply for the JRPSS and, moreover, make sure their line manager is fully aware of the Scheme's timelines and requirements. 

The training will comprise of ground study and 15 hours of flying instruction on a light aircraft, following a recognised syllabus which may count towards the award of a Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL). RAF Flying Clubs will deliver the flying training on behalf of the RAFCT and applicants should note that, if successful, they may be allocated to a club that is some distance from their home stn. Personal leave will need to be taken when undertaking any part of the JRPSS as participation does not attract duty status; accordingly, all T&S and similar costs will fall to the individual and may not be claimed on JPA.

In consultation with the Officer In Charge (OIC) and Head of Training (HoT) of their allocated RAF Flying Club, successful applicants will be expected to arrange their own flying training schedules.  However, applicants are to note that all flying training  must be completed during the set training period of 1 Apr 19 to 30 Aug 19 only.  Furthermore, applicants should not underestimate the personal commitment required to complete the Scholarship Scheme and are advised to consider whether their work, family and additional commitments during the set training period will allow them to undertake the JRPSS without issue.

A JRPSS Candidate Selection Panel (CSP) will convene in Feb 19 and successful applicants will be notified by their Stn chain of command and also listed on the RAFCT, RAFFCA & JRPSS websites towards the end of that month. The exact date will be announced nearer the time.

The JRPSS 2019 Terms & Conditions, the JRPSS 2019 RAFFCA Privacy Statement and the SurveyMonkey Privacy Policy are available on the JRPSS Website and can be accessed at the following link: JRPSS 2019

An applicant must have read, understood and accepted the JRPSS 2019 Terms & Conditions, the JRPSS 2019 RAFFCA Privacy Statement and the SurveyMonkey Privacy Policy prior to submitting an on line application.   By answering the following question (entitled Personal Declaration) with a "YES", it will be deemed that the applicant is confirming that they have done so.

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