* 1. Do you have breaks of 20 minutes or more each shift of more than 6 hours?

* 2. Does your manager or senior member of staff make sure you are taking breaks?

* 3. If you do not have breaks or have to be available during them does your manager know about this?

* 4. Do you get more than 11 hours break in between rota shifts?

* 5. Have you signed an opt-out to the Working Time Regulations of 48hr week?

* 6. Do you get at least 24 hours uninterrupted break per week and 48 hours per fortnight?

* 7. If you work in homecare or other care work and do not get breaks do you get 'Compensatory Rest Breaks?'

* 8. How long is your break usually?

* 9. Are you paid during your break time?

* 10. Which area do you work in?

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