Welsh Athletics Strategy Consultation

The next 12 months will see the development of a new strategy for the sport across Wales. To ensure that the new strategy is aligned to the challenges and opportunities that our members face, as part of the development process, we are keen to capture the views of as many people in Wales who are involved in the delivery of the sport.

To ensure that this process is as manageable as possible, we have divided the questions into 3 main categories, these are;

1) Athlete (Support & Development), Coaching (Support & Development) & Talent Identification

2) Competitions & Officials (Support & Development)

3) Clubs, Volunteers (not covered in the above two sections) and Schools Athletics

You are invited to complete as many sections as you feel you would like to.

There is also an opportunity to add additional comments should you feel that the above sections do not cover all aspects of the sport or allow you to effectively present your views.

Ultimately, we all have an opportunity to shape the sport for the next generation, so please be as candid and direct as you feel necessary.

The purpose is to use all views, along with feedback and views expressed at the series of open forums to help shape the new strategy for athletics in Wales.