Cumbernauld Community Consultation

This consultation is being carried out in partnership between Cumbernauld Living Landscape, North Lanarkshire Community Learning and Development and Sanctuary Cumbernauld.
We are interested in learning more about your experience of life in Cumbernauld to allow us to improve the services and opportunities that we offer throughout the town. It should take no longer than ten minutes and your participation is greatly appreciated.

* 1. What's great about living in Cumbernauld?

* 2. How satisfied are you with your neighbourhood as a place to live?

* 3. How would you describe the quality of life in your neighbourhood?

* 4. What should be the top priority for improving the quality of life in your neighbourhood?

* 5. Do you currently take part in any community activities?

* 6. What attracts you to the events/activities that you take part in? (cost, location)

* 7. What stops you from taking part in community activities? (Time, location, don’t want to etc)

* 8. Are there any types of community activity that you would be interested in seeing in your local area? (community garden, street art, community clean-ups etc)

* 9. Would you be interested in becoming more involved in community activities in the future?