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Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF) is a member-led organisation, representing individuals with any type of impairment, disability organisations, groups and individuals who share our values. We work to ensure the voice of disabled people is heard and acted upon. SDEF is involved in a wide range of work on a local and national level. We work to bring real change to the lives of disabled people, to inspire and to motivate others to be inclusive and informed in their attitudes towards disabled people and to bring the message of equality to all.

Our aim is to ensure that our members and wider public are as informed as possible about the issues affecting disabled people in Scotland. SDEF has launched a series of online 'hubs' which include information and advice on Inclusive Communication, Inclusive Design and Accessible Travel.

SDEF actively engages with its members so that we understand what the key issues are for disabled people in Scotland and hold events to give advice on disability and access related issues.

SDEF is also the umbrella body for the national network of Access Panels in Scotland. Access Panels can be found in all regions and are made up of groups of disabled volunteers who work together to improve physical access and wider social inclusion in their local communities. We offer support and training opportunities to help them operate efficiently, link together as a network and lean from each other.

We work to the principles of positivity, promotion and partnership, working collaboratively with partners to promote best practice, and achieve awareness of disability equality across Scotland.     

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* 1. Summary
The Scottish Government want your views on improving the management of parking across Scotland and making regulation more consistent. The consultation asks how the Scottish Government can improve the clarity of the laws of parking, what restrictions should be applied and the exceptions that should be granted. The Scottish Government also aimed this consultation to local authorities to ask them how they can deliver an integrated approach to managing parking, how we should tackle displacement of vehicles and support the town centre regeneration, as well as improving accessibility to all.    

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* 2. Background
In May 2015, the Footway Parking and Double Parking (Scotland) Bill was introduced. However, as the time, parking was a UK Parliament issue, so the Bill could not become law. The Scottish Government made a commitment in December 2015 to progress this important matter once powers on parking were devolved. In March 2016, the Scotland Act 2016 received Royal Assent, and powers to legislate on parking matters were devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Due to the complex nature of parking and level of concerns that were raised by the public, local authorities and organisations' in relation to the Footway Parking and Double Parking (Scotland) Bill, the Scottish Government set out a general intention to use the powers devolved by the Scotland Act 2016 to legislate on parking. The findings of this consultation will inform the development of the parking provisions in the Government's Bill and supporting guidance to be introduced in this Parliamentary session.

Question Title

* 3. About this consultation
The Scottish Government recognises the detrimental impact that obstructive and irresponsible parking can have on disabled people. This consultation provides you with an opportunity to give your views on our plans to promote, support and advance the rights to pedestrians to ensure that our pavements are accessible to all. The Scottish Government want to improve parking behaviours', as well as make sure the law is consistent and easily understood by everyone. The questions asked in this consultation will help to create the laws aimed at improving accessibility and safety.

The Scottish Government want to create clear, consistent and effective enforcement that everyone understands. This can help motorists to know what is expected of them from the legislation, and for pedestrians to know if the law has been broken. Currently, half of all local authorities in Scotland have decriminalised parking enforcement powers. The Scottish Government want all local authorities in Scotland to operate decriminalised parking enforcement. However, the Scottish Government know this takes time and are looking at other ways this can be achieved.

Not all the questions in this consultation may be relevant to you. Scottish Disability Equality Forum has only asked questions which are relevant to Access Panels and our members. Please feel free to answer the questions you feel are relevant to you.     

Question Title

* 4. Do you think parking, including parking on pavements, at dropped kerbs and double parking is a problem in your area?

Please give a detailed answer explaining how your family and friends have been affected by parking problems.   

Question Title

* 5. Why do you think motorists may choose to park on pavements?

Question Title

* 6. Do you think new legislation is needed?

If your answer is YES, please give a detailed answer on where you think the law needs to be changed.  

Question Title

* 7. If a new law is needed, should it cover all roads with footways, including private roads that are not adopted by the local authorities and trunk roads?

If you have answered NO, please give a detailed answer.   

Question Title

* 8. Do you think the new law should apply to all vehicles, including lorries, taxis, motorbikes etc?

If your answer is NO, which type of vehicles should the law apply to? 

Question Title

* 9. Do you think there should be exemptions applied to allow pavement parking to take place, particularly due to local concerns about access for vehicles and lack of alternative parking provision?

If yes, what should the exemptions be?

If not, why not? Please give a detailed answer.

Question Title

* 10. Do you think local authorities should exempt some streets or roads from pavement parking restrictions?  

Question Title

* 11. What are the likely impacts the proposals contained within this consultation may have on disabled people?

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* 12. Are there any other further comments you would like to make?

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* 13. Thank you for responding to this consultation for Scottish Government and Transport Scotland.

SDEF will collect all the answers from all of our members and write a report. SDEF will give the report to Transport Scotland at the Scottish Government. A full report will be available after the consultation's closing date.

Please give SDEF your answers before Friday 23 June 2017.