The club is looking to get feedback from the members on several issues and would appreciate answers to the following questions:

* 1. We are looking to improve participation at Tuesday night training sessions for the coming season: In your opinion what can we do to make the sessions more useful (change the night, time or content of session?)

* 2. At the end of last season we arranged a post season friendly against Meopham. Would you be interested in organising more friendlies this season?

* 3. Would you like to see any changes to the current playing conditions for the leagues? (Start times, number of overs, bowling restrictions etc?)

* 4. The league has come up with a new idea for the T20 competition which currently runs as midweek games during the season. This season the league is proposing to extend the Saturday league season to 19 weeks with one week being a T20 day. Would you be interested in playing T20 on that day?

* 5. The club is looking to run winter nets again this year. This is normally poorly attended. In your opinion what can be done to improve attendance?

* 6. Currently the club operates match day teas with one person providing the tea for the day. A suggestion has been made that we switch to having multiple people help to provide the match day tea (i.e. 4 people each making some sandwiches and others providing cakes etc.). This would mean less work on the day for each player, but would require people to help out more often throughout the season. Which would you prefer?

* 7. Any other suggestions for the club to looking into?